Best ear protection when shooting

Firing weapons is a serious physical phenomenon that creates an unpleasant noise which is very harmful to the hearing health. It produces a short-lived and high intensity sound, a very unpleasant noise for all humans. The ability of the human ear to tolerate noise is approximately 80 db and all sounds above 120 – 140 db can already produce barotrauma also known as acoustic trauma. Guns can produce a noise of 80 – 120 db but this may vary according to the environmental and personal conditions (diseases, noise exposure, and noise exposure site). Acoustic trauma is one of the possible deleterious effects caused by the firing of guns either it is practiced during short-distance shooting, hunting or by use of weapons in daily work. That’s why many manufacturers developed different products for hearing protection. What makes the best air protection when shooting? All you need to know is written below.

How can I protect myself from acoustic trauma?

When it comes to types of hearing protection, there is a helmet used for closed places and large weapons. In most situations people use plugs for open spaces and low sound weapons, headphones as the latest generation of hearing protection. The best air protection when shooting allows users to perceive ambient sounds while reducing sounds of the shot. Hearing protectors must indicate their level of acoustic attenuation which can be measured by 2 methods: HML (Values of Attenuation in decibels H attenuation in high frequencies, M averages L Low) and SNR (simplified noise level reduction).There are multiple commercial houses Peltor, Elvex, Moldex, Howard, Leight, Impact Sport, Sperian that provide different options.

Interesting hearing protection options

Headphones ProTac II:

These headphones provide best air protection when shooting and allow listening in stereo, limit the noise superior to 82dB, and on the contrary, the very soft noises can be amplified. It’s very useful to communicate in a shooting environment while protecting from the noises of high intensity, its used in competitions to hear the indications of the referee.

Optime headphones II:

They are also used for highly noisy environments with very low frequencies, it has an insulating material in the earmuffs producing firm seal but without pressure on the auricular pavilion, is the best air protection when shooting. It’s best to be used in airports and construction sites. 

Peltor 3M Optime III:

These can offer high hearing protection and comfort. They are very useful for extremely noisy conditions between 95 to 110 dB.

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