How Do Bullet Proof Vests Work?

All of you must have heard about bullet proof vests. You have seen it being used in movies. Sometimes nowadays you see it in the news too. These are supposed to protect the person wearing it, from injuries caused by bullets.

Earlier only the army used to wear bullet proof vests. But today many of the local law enforcement authorities and even some private citizens wear these vests. Before we see how do bullet proof vests work, we will see the types of bullet proof vests available.

Types Of Bullet Proof Vests

There are basically two types of bullet proof vests available. Soft bullet proof vests and hard bullet proof vests.

Famous Youtuber Testing a Vest

How do bullet proof vests work in the soft variety? The soft bullet proof vests have a fabric which is very dense which contains many tightly packed layers of web-like materials. These are materials which have strength almost equal to that of metals and can stop the bullets. These are mainly used to stop handgun or pistol fire. These are mostly worn under the uniform by many law enforcement agencies.

The hard bullet proof vests are made of ceramic and metal. These are very tough and heavy. These can stop rifle fire. This kind of bullet proof vests is worn by the army. There are metal and ceramic plates inserted inside the armor which protects the one who wears this bullet proof vest. These are hot and uncomfortable to wear for a long duration. However, these are required during tactical operations to stop the heavy gun fire.

How Does It Work?

All of us have seen a football is prevented from going beyond the goal post by a net-like fabric. This fabric is elastic to an extent, so it carries the ball to some distance and then stops it. The method is to reduce the momentum of the ball and bring it to a stop. This will prevent the net from getting torn.

So, how do bullet proof vests work? They work in much the same way. The fabric, which is much tighter worn than the football net, are arranged one after the other. In the same way that the net stops the ball by reducing its momentum, the tightly worn material reduces the momentum of the bullet and stops it before it can hurt the one who is wearing it.

The chief material that is used to make bullet proof vests is called Kevlar. This is made by Du Pont.