What are the best Glock holsters on the market?

The holster is legal in several states. If you want to hide carrying the Glock 19, you can choose from a wide range. If you are looking for a holster that looks very good and is functional, you should search for the heel in the waist heels list. The model is handmade from natural leather. It is also hand-painted to preserve the natural features of the skin.


Breaks in Fast – The body is made of 100% leather and will break quickly. It will allow you to draw comfortably.


Belt clips might be better – Belt clips tend to move outward so they can become awkward. You can change them with nylon clips if this happens.

Holster IWB

The holster IWB is made of thermoplastic that is more durable and stronger than other polymers. Kydex is specially built to fit a Glock and will cover both the trigger and the rear part of the pistol. The body is comfortable and will allow you to pull and hide the gun quickly and safely. The Kydex is thick enough so you can use your heel for a very long time. I believe this is currently the best glock 19 holster on the market.


Build well – the box has an excellent construction that will fit your Glock perfectly. It will allow you to draw and cover the gun quickly.


Perhaps the heel will scratch your gun – This holster can scratch your Glock, so be careful when using it.

Alien gear waistband heel

The Alien Gear waistcoat has a design that will allow you to pull and throw the gun quickly. This heel can be worn both as a belt and as a paddle. The kit uses flexible spring steel to add more retention to your weapon. The upper surface of the holster is made of a high elastomer so that it holds the pistol without striking or scratching its surface. The flexible plate is placed in the layers of the body so that it does not scratch the gun when the retention force increases.


The heel provides proper tension so you can keep your gun safe.


Time-consuming adjustments – The kit can be adjusted, but the process is slow. However, changing the heel will make it even more comfortable.

The hell is cured and hardened, and will maintain the shape for a very long time. The leather will maintain a good position for your Glock, but it won’t affect its surface.