Why an under-bed gun safe is important for your safety?

For many people, having a gun at home is a way of self-protecting against threats of intruders. But it is a great responsibility of the owner. Apart from keeping it in good condition, keeping it in a safe place, is also important for your security, because if it is not kept properly it can also cause damage by a possible accidental shot for example by children. The weapons must be kept away from the thieves and the children, but you need good accessibility in case of intruder and at the same time stored safely.

For these reasons, the underbed biometric gun safes are a good investment for gun carriers. One of the most important reasons for having underbed gun safes is accessibility if there are intruders at home. There is no better place than under the bed to hide a gun.

How to choose an under-bed gun safe that is more appropriate for you?

There are several situations to consider and choose the most suitable for you because there are various sizes, materials, etc., but there is always one that fits your needs. To choose underbed gun safes you have to think about how often you’ll use it and also if you will have it only at home or will take it elsewhere, for example, to travel. It is also very important the material you want if metallic, plastic, bullet proof etc., if you are going to mobilize it at home or change it often from the usual site. Another point to consider having undebed gun safes is accessibility in the dark and how many people will be allowed access to that type of code. It would better for you or if a biometric recognition is set.

Stealth defense vault

This safe is the enough large to carry a shotgun and two pistols, it is made with 14-gauge steel and has the door a 5-point lock, fits perfectly under the bed and only measures 6´´. It’s almost unbreakable and fixed to the floor by a few holes made on the factory.

Hornady rapid safe

It is a very safe box, has greater resistance against fall, built with 14-gauge steel comes with a safety cable that allows securing from multiple sites away from it; It is also wide, it can contain a rifle and two pistols at the same time.

American security defense vault

It has an illuminated electronic closure which is backlit, making it easier to access it in the dark.

What are the top 5 best pistol cleaning kits of 2018?

Universal gun cleaning kits are the most popular because you only need one kit to clean all firearms. You want a universal gun cleaning kit with high-quality components that do not break under intense stress.

Winchester Super Deluxe DAC – Universal Cleaning Kit

Have you ever seen critics where some people say it is the best kit? With the Winchester kit, you will not find any complaints. It features a nylon carrying case, a Velcro waistband, and a high-quality, well-organized case. It is the most popular cleaning guns, so let’s take a closer look at each of the tools to find out why.


  • Each bronze brush has a calibration on the plastic bottle that holds it.
  • Set of 68 pieces that hold most firearms.
  • Fantastic reviews and very affordable prices
  • The
  • housing contains sections for brushes, rods, mops, oil, and snake.


In general, it’s the best universal pistol kit. No gun kit is universal, and if you have a less common firearm, you may need a special gun cleaning kit. If you have several common guns and do not want to use one set for each one, this is the best option.

Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need to clean all guns. This gun cleaning kit is designed for sophisticated weapon owners and includes one of the most comprehensive cleaning tools for every gun cleaning kit.

The only thing that could be improved is the transport case. Many people seem to prefer a more durable bag, but I like nylon bags more. You can use your shoulder strap to carry the bag rather than taking it as a set of boxes with a handle.

This universal kit includes 22 brass rods of quality caliber, with caliber on the stem.

Ohuhu 28 Pieces – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Many people prefer hard aluminum housings, and this one looks like something that James Bond would use. The foam padding inside the kit securely holds all 28 pieces, with room for other items such as lubricants.

This set is ideal for beginners who are looking for an inexpensive kit and do not need a more substantial gun cleaning kit with a large number of parts.


Ten brushes, five cleaning brushes, three shotgun rods, 3 pistols/carbine rods, two split ends, one accessory adapter, and one carrying case

The beautiful aluminum case is weighing 2 pounds.

An instruction booklet is detailing the contents of the kit.


Although the aluminum case is elegant, some people do not like the case to open only 90 degrees. Keep in mind that this kit is one of the cheapest on the market, so you will not be able to get the best materials.

The cleaning rods are not of the highest quality, and there have been complaints of creases and breaks.

Overall, the quality of this kit is a bit lower than average when compared to the best gun cleaning kits. Perfect for novice beginners and do not want to spend a lot of money on a cleaning kit.

Outers 28 Piece – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

It is not a rugged kit intended for extreme conditions but includes a wide variety of brushes for different calibers.

It is a very impressive kit for the price. The quality of the components is average, and there have been complaints mainly with the bent and broken rods, which often occurs with the cheapest kits. Bronze brushes are durable and are your standard bronze brushes.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe – Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The kit number 9 of Hoppe is a simple kit of 18 pieces designed for beginners. It’s one of the least expensive weapons cleaning kits, so you cannot expect it to come with a sturdy carrying case full of parts.  It is an excellent material, and it looks like 1/8 “of wood, so you have to be careful when handling the case.

This kit comes with a set of instructions allowing beginners to learn all components of different types of firearms.

What guns are illegal in the USA?

A gun can be legal in a state, region or a jurisdiction and illegal in another zone. It is impossible to make a list available in the US because there are contrasting guidelines. A gun legally registered in NY can be illegal in Arizona. The gun, even it is unloaded, is considered illegal immediately after crosses the borders of the other state.

Laws are different in some states

The gun is the same, nothing changes, only the laws of Arizona are different. A legitimate purchase in a state can become illegal in another state. Firearms are often exchanged through a transaction between a seller and a buyer. You need to make sure that all ar 15’s have proper cases. Forty percent of firearms transaction take place outside a retail market.  In 1994 a law was federally instituted, named the Brady Laws. It is about a background checks on all transactions. After a while this law becomes ineffective.

Gun shows

Gun shows are all over the US, guns transactions never require background checks. The transactions are considered “private” between seller and buyer. The buyer bargain the gun price with the seller.

Their sales are considered legal and perpetuate firearms transactions in an illegal manner. Anyone can purchase a gun through a private transaction without any background check or permit. If an individual leaves a gun show with a firearm, he has an illegal gun. Federal law states that firearms cannot be sold to drug addicts, ex-convicts, minors, fugitive or mentally unstable individuals.

Sometimes, illegal firearms are sold ignoring the state laws, some arms are taking a dangerous form. The sellers can make alterations that do not conform to state and federal laws.

The changes include the gun appearance, scrapping the serial numbers to make the firearm impossible to trace, and fire rate. Sniper rifles, high powered assault rifles can be sold in the US using loopholes with important alterations for each firearm.

A rate of 86 percent of guns used in crime in NYC come from the outside the state. “Junk guns” come from foreign countries and are often used by young people.

Only one percent of firearms dealers are responsible for 60% of gun weapons recovered by the police and traced later.

Firearms traffic at gun shows or flea markets where there are no background checks account almost 26000 guns /year. Almost all guns recovered in crime are used after the first purchase. Almost 30% of crime guns had been purchased in the past 2 years.

What are the best Glock holsters on the market?

The holster is legal in several states. If you want to hide carrying the Glock 19, you can choose from a wide range. If you are looking for a holster that looks very good and is functional, you should search for the heel in the waist heels list. The model is handmade from natural leather. It is also hand-painted to preserve the natural features of the skin.


Breaks in Fast – The body is made of 100% leather and will break quickly. It will allow you to draw comfortably.


Belt clips might be better – Belt clips tend to move outward so they can become awkward. You can change them with nylon clips if this happens.

Holster IWB

The holster IWB is made of thermoplastic that is more durable and stronger than other polymers. Kydex is specially built to fit a Glock and will cover both the trigger and the rear part of the pistol. The body is comfortable and will allow you to pull and hide the gun quickly and safely. The Kydex is thick enough so you can use your heel for a very long time. I believe this is currently the best glock 19 holster on the market.


Build well – the box has an excellent construction that will fit your Glock perfectly. It will allow you to draw and cover the gun quickly.


Perhaps the heel will scratch your gun – This holster can scratch your Glock, so be careful when using it.

Alien gear waistband heel

The Alien Gear waistcoat has a design that will allow you to pull and throw the gun quickly. This heel can be worn both as a belt and as a paddle. The kit uses flexible spring steel to add more retention to your weapon. The upper surface of the holster is made of a high elastomer so that it holds the pistol without striking or scratching its surface. The flexible plate is placed in the layers of the body so that it does not scratch the gun when the retention force increases.


The heel provides proper tension so you can keep your gun safe.


Time-consuming adjustments – The kit can be adjusted, but the process is slow. However, changing the heel will make it even more comfortable.

The hell is cured and hardened, and will maintain the shape for a very long time. The leather will maintain a good position for your Glock, but it won’t affect its surface.

Best ear protection when shooting

Firing weapons is a serious physical phenomenon that creates an unpleasant noise which is very harmful to the hearing health. It produces a short-lived and high intensity sound, a very unpleasant noise for all humans. The ability of the human ear to tolerate noise is approximately 80 db and all sounds above 120 – 140 db can already produce barotrauma also known as acoustic trauma. Guns can produce a noise of 80 – 120 db but this may vary according to the environmental and personal conditions (diseases, noise exposure, and noise exposure site). Acoustic trauma is one of the possible deleterious effects caused by the firing of guns either it is practiced during short-distance shooting, hunting or by use of weapons in daily work. That’s why many manufacturers developed different products for hearing protection. What makes the best air protection when shooting? All you need to know is written below.

How can I protect myself from acoustic trauma?

When it comes to types of hearing protection, there is a helmet used for closed places and large weapons. In most situations people use plugs for open spaces and low sound weapons, headphones as the latest generation of hearing protection. The best air protection when shooting allows users to perceive ambient sounds while reducing sounds of the shot. Hearing protectors must indicate their level of acoustic attenuation which can be measured by 2 methods: HML (Values of Attenuation in decibels H attenuation in high frequencies, M averages L Low) and SNR (simplified noise level reduction).There are multiple commercial houses Peltor, Elvex, Moldex, Howard, Leight, Impact Sport, Sperian that provide different options.

Interesting hearing protection options

Headphones ProTac II:

These headphones provide best air protection when shooting and allow listening in stereo, limit the noise superior to 82dB, and on the contrary, the very soft noises can be amplified. It’s very useful to communicate in a shooting environment while protecting from the noises of high intensity, its used in competitions to hear the indications of the referee.

Optime headphones II:

They are also used for highly noisy environments with very low frequencies, it has an insulating material in the earmuffs producing firm seal but without pressure on the auricular pavilion, is the best air protection when shooting. It’s best to be used in airports and construction sites. 

Peltor 3M Optime III:

These can offer high hearing protection and comfort. They are very useful for extremely noisy conditions between 95 to 110 dB.

If you are after some more hearing protection options learn more here.

Best Gun Safe Available

As we hear more and more stories of guns being misused by people in the family who are not supposed to be using the gun, it only reiterates the fact that there should be a gun safe which can keep your arms safely and securely. It should be secure enough that nobody except you should be able to open it. When you buy a gun safe you should consider many points before making the decision.

How do you decide on the best gun safe available today in the market? There are certain parameters which need to be considered when you buy the gun safe. Let us see what the important considerations are.

Features Of A Gun Safe

Selecting the best gun safe available is not an easy task. There are so many things to be considered when you buy a gun safe. You must ensure that the gun won’t be accessible to others. The safe should protect your gun from fire and water.

The first thing is to decide what size of the gun safe you want to buy. Most people don’t buy a gun safe only to keep their guns. You should decide what all you are going to keep in the gun safe. Your ammo should go into it too. Many people keep their valuables safe in the gun safe. This is another purpose for which they buy the gun safe. So, you should get a gun safe of the size for the purpose you are buying this for.

Where Do You Want To Keep It?

When you are going to buy the best gun safe available, you should have decided as to where you are going to keep the safe. It is very important because the safe should be able to fit through your doors and the place where you keep the safe should be strong enough to hold the weight. So, you need to consider all these before buying the safe.

Physical Parameters

The above are general considerations. But, when it comes to a safe you should first be considering how safe it will be. There are many things to consider when buying the best gun safe available. There is the wall thickness to consider. There are rating available for all these. The door thickness is another thing that comes under consideration.

The other things include how easy or difficult it is to open the lock and what kind of lock does the best gun safe available has. You should consider many things when buying the gun safe.

What are the best portable toilets to take camping?

If you are wondering what are the best portable toilets to take camping, you have to consider a lot of options. The use of portable toilets is not limited to trips and camps but can be taken to any place where facilities are uncomfortable, these places are like shipping, traveling or even at workshops.

A list of the best portable toilets to take camping

If you don’t know what are the best portable toilets to take camping, you must know that there are a lot of options, with a variety of design and size and moreover high quality.

Some of these are:

Camco 415141

Stansport 273-100

Domestic 972

Reliance Hassock

Earthtec ETEC

Pros and Cons of the best portable toilets to take camping

So, what are the best portable toilets to take camping. There are some pros and cons you need to consider.

Camco 415141: It conceals strong odors very well. It is available in two reservoir sizes. Emptying it fully is difficult.

Stansport 273-100: Lid stays in place when erect. It fits under some camper benches. Bucket can’t hold much.

Domestic 972: Eco-friendly and uses little water. It’s a scratch-resistant ABS exterior. Some users reported leakages.

Reliance Hassock: It has a contoured seat. It has a splash cover inside. It comes with only one waste bag.

Earthtec ETEC: Nonstick finish on the bowl. It has very straightforward instructions. But it’s not very nice to look at.

Uses of the best portable toilets to take camping

For hygienic reasons, people use the best portable toilets to take camping in many places. They are convenient in use, easy to be carried to any place. They are also safer for the environment. They represent a very ethical and a proper way to get rid of human waste, especially where there aren’t enough restrooms in function or onsite, or just a few are in capacity. They are very useful and relatively inexpensive.

They can be used if you are organizing a large event, or running a construction location, or any other place where there are lots of people and you need clean mobile sanitation services.

Benefits of the best portable toilets to take camping

The best portable toilets to take camping are also called porta potties. While camping they can be also used together with a sink for saving purposes. There are different sizes and gallon capacities for a portable toilet. The easier it can be used and to get rid of the waste, the more it will be used in camps.

Nowadays people tend to use camping hygienic equipment for safety and health, one of which is the portable camping toilet.

Best tactical vest buying guide

Tactical stands for something that is properly planned thinking about the end rather than showing sudden immediate actions. Tactical vests are mostly common among soldiers but are also used by persons working as a law enforcement officer, military, security etc. Since such professionals work mostly in unusual scenario, they must have competent defense. Thus, it is required for a tactical officer to enter the unusual scenario with handy and effective defense. Tactical vests were designed to carry effective weapons and equipment as well as to protect the person. Generally, it assists someone to carry things they require facing a scenario during their work. It is essential for a soldiers and other professionals above mentioned to have best tactical vest which could both protect and help in defense. Now we will discuss about some qualities that a best tactical vest should have.

Qualities of best tactical vest

These are few qualities that best tactical vest should have.

  • Best tactical vest should always be light in weight and comfortable to wear. Lightweight makes the person less exhausted compared to a heavier one and also more focused in their service.
  • Comfortability is most important as it can affect the performance of the professionals.
  • Best tactical vest should be made from soft fabric and should also be less heat absorbing in nature. They should also be more durable than normal vest.
  • Best tactical vests are those which have enough pockets with enough space to carry all capable defense as well as equipment and goods essential for the person.
  • They should also have an attractive design that makes a soldier look smarter.

Best tactical vest

Best tactical vest should always be available in numerous sizes and colors. Light weight and comfortability is most essential because tactical vest is heavy duty vest and if the vest itself has huge weight, how heavy can it be when all equipment and weapons are stored in the vest. Best tactical vests need to have above mentioned qualities but having these qualities can’t make it the best among available brands in market. Selection of best vest depends on the buyer and he/she must look for these qualities cum the stitching of vest. A poorly stitched vest can tear out easily when loaded with heavy weapons and grenades. Thus, a tactical vest can be called best if it is cheap in rate, comfortable, durable and capable of carrying enough goods in it. At last but not the least, wear best tactical vest and be safe.

How to find the best pistol lights?

Pistol is a handgun used by police officers, soldiers and also kept by general public with licenses for security purpose. Pistol lights are tactical lights that are installed in pistol during use to make the operation easier. For example- Laser lights are installed in pistol to focus or aim on the subject to be shot. Meanwhile, torch lights are fitted in the pistol to illuminate and make the vision clear during night operations. Best pistol lights must bear the shocks produce by the gun while firing.

Features of best pistol light

  • Pistol lights should have means to get attached robustly in the pistol. It must be capable to slide and fit properly in the rails available in pistol for attachments of pistol lights. If the rails aren’t available lights should have a build assembly to hold the pistol tightly i.e. a proper clamp should be installed in such lights.
  • Laser lights used in pistol should have good convergence to make a perfect aiming.
  • Torch lights used in pistol should have good focusing capacity.
  • Pistol lights should be able get quickly detached from the pistol when required.
  • Best pistol light must be able to bear the shock produced without getting detached.
  • Pistol light needs to be durable for entire operation.
  • It should be small in length and diameter. Mostly, should have diameter smaller than that of pistol.

Best pistol lights

Pistol lights, since being used by police officers and soldiers to be best pistol light should first of all be durable and light in weight. Lighter weight is required because heavier light can make the grip poor and so does the aim. Also, best pistol lights should be available in various laser color and the torch light should be less diverging in nature. Buying a perfect light for your pistol can be quite tough if you don’t know the features of best pistol light. Never go behind the price, always look for good features and you can get a best one that will be handy for you.

Variety of color is much required feature in laser light because some people feel certain color of light irritating in nature. For example- I wouldn’t prefer a laser with blue rays because I don’t like them much. Thus, always select and buy lights that are favorable for you though the price can be high else it can affect your aiming and performance.

So, a best pistol light should be light in weight , has a design to get attached and detached easily in the pistol and good shock absorber.

How Do Bullet Proof Vests Work?

All of you must have heard about bullet proof vests. You have seen it being used in movies. Sometimes nowadays you see it in the news too. These are supposed to protect the person wearing it, from injuries caused by bullets.

Earlier only the army used to wear bullet proof vests. But today many of the local law enforcement authorities and even some private citizens wear these vests. Before we see how do bullet proof vests work, we will see the types of bullet proof vests available.

Types Of Bullet Proof Vests

There are basically two types of bullet proof vests available. Soft bullet proof vests and hard bullet proof vests.

Famous Youtuber Testing a Vest

How do bullet proof vests work in the soft variety? The soft bullet proof vests have a fabric which is very dense which contains many tightly packed layers of web-like materials. These are materials which have strength almost equal to that of metals and can stop the bullets. These are mainly used to stop handgun or pistol fire. These are mostly worn under the uniform by many law enforcement agencies.

The hard bullet proof vests are made of ceramic and metal. These are very tough and heavy. These can stop rifle fire. This kind of bullet proof vests is worn by the army. There are metal and ceramic plates inserted inside the armor which protects the one who wears this bullet proof vest. These are hot and uncomfortable to wear for a long duration. However, these are required during tactical operations to stop the heavy gun fire.

How Does It Work?

All of us have seen a football is prevented from going beyond the goal post by a net-like fabric. This fabric is elastic to an extent, so it carries the ball to some distance and then stops it. The method is to reduce the momentum of the ball and bring it to a stop. This will prevent the net from getting torn.

So, how do bullet proof vests work? They work in much the same way. The fabric, which is much tighter worn than the football net, are arranged one after the other. In the same way that the net stops the ball by reducing its momentum, the tightly worn material reduces the momentum of the bullet and stops it before it can hurt the one who is wearing it.

The chief material that is used to make bullet proof vests is called Kevlar. This is made by Du Pont.